mode- manual aperture-f/8 ISO- 400 lens length- f/ 3.5-5.6 focal- 55.00 mm

mode- manual aperture- f/8 ISO- 400 Lens Length- f/ 3.5- 5.6 Focal-55.00 mm

I used manual mode for both of the photos. I used manual mode because I found it easier to use and so I can focus the lens on my own. I think I did have a strong composition on the photos. I think I edited the photos pretty well. I like how I made one with color and the black and white. They both have a different picture on my phone. I think the things I would different if i shot this assignment again I would use a different frame and shot something else. i think my photo’s shouldn’t be in the blog home page because they don’t look as good as all the other photos in the photo classes.

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